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Trial & Error BODIED APP growth.

With everything in life that you work towards you live & learn, the good thing is that you can always CHANGE for the better. A better you with better Goals! I’m happy that I can grow & better the things that I’m passionate about Ie: My app. I will be adding & changing content. I can’t wait for my app to be sharpened for the better! Thank you to all who appreciate me & my growth❤️


This is the worst app I ever purchased it’s boring never anything new.

SnapBack by Getbodiedbyj

It would be nice to access the SnapBack by Getbodiedbyj on here. When I go to the program, it requires me to purchase it. I already did on Trainersvault so I shouldn’t have to re-purchase the program on her app! I message them about this and we were going back & forth with attempting to apply a code but when it never worked they quit responding!

In App purchases

I came to this app for the workouts. For that I was disappointed. What’s offered for free in the app can also be found on her social media pages. Everything else is an in app purchase.


I've been following her on and off for years! She's always pleasant up front and honest. So I’m disappointed by this app. It won’t stay logged in and I have to keep re downloading my purchases that cost 60 bucks and its works outs that she shares on YouTube for free. What a waste

Waste of Money

I follow her on IG, and could have seen all of her app workouts for FREE on her IG. You don’t have access to challenges you still have to pay $50+ dollars after purchasing the app. I gave it 2 stars, because she does provide some meal ideas, but I was expecting more from the workout portion. You’re better off buying the NIKE app if you’re looking for some good workouts, and you can do their challenges for free or less than what she’s charging.


I love the app ! But there should be a better way to get to the programs already purchase.


I love J and best of all I love this app! I purchased her SnapBack by J fitness program a few months back and enjoyed how detailed and helpful the program was structured. This app is just that but at my fingertips. So happy!

Great App

This App is so dope and VERY Informative from all aspects of working out! Great job J!!! F. Smith Los Angeles

Love it!!!

Love this app!! Great tips and videos!! She’s the best!!!


Love all of her products and information!!


I have been following J for about a year now and shes amazing and always rolls out excellent products that are never half way done. They are always thoughtful, clear, and concise. You can tell she's put so much work into this and I can't wait to see more! Just a suggestion..for the meal prep ideas (amazing) maybe have a grocery list that goes to it. Keep up the excellent work!

Easy to use!!

I’ve been following @getbodiedbyj for years and she is such an inspiration. This app is for everyone. All body types and fitness levels. She also has great advice on diet and nutrition. You won’t be disappointed!


I have purchased all of Getbodiedbyj’s programs on Trainersvault and have loved them. To have them available at my fingertips on this app is so convenient! Not only are all of her programs available on the app but soooo many helpful tips on eating clean and training. I have a few fitness apps that I used on a daily basis but none are like this one. Great job Janelle!!👏🏽☺️


I have been following her for years and have purchased her challenges and they get the job Done. I like her honesty and all around attitude about fitness and health. Such a motivational person. I have been on a steady workout for the past two years but it was her who I learned what EATING clean was and I love it. I’m so happy that she now have this app !!!!

Get Bodied!

Awesome recommendations and content to get you fit!

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